Janet M. Bronstein, Ph.D.

Professor at the University of Alabama at Birmingham

I have been in diversity training activities over the past few years. I think he is very skilled and personable. He has really internalized many principles about diversity training – helping people feel comfortable and supported, sparking their curiosity, helping them to push a little at their comfort zone, and framing whatever they do within the session in a positive way. He talks about his personal experience and feelings in a way that develops understanding in people without resorting to making people feel guilty, angry or ashamed.

One of Kalai’s strengths is his willingness to go into group situations with an open mind and to adapt his diversity acceptance/ prejudice reduction activities to the issues and concerns of the group. This takes a lot of confidence and flexibility and is a feature that one rarely finds in the pre-defined diversity activities or the programs that are locked into specific outcomes. His approach will probably not satisfy people who have a rigid expectation about how people who attend diversity workshops should think or behave once they complete the activities. However, it really is the best approach to move people towards tolerance on their own terms.

Kalai Mugilan has stronger interpersonal skills than almost anyone I know and is effective in a very wide range of social situations.   I highly recommend him to you as a speaker and group facilitator.



Richard Midkiff

Department of Human Resource

The State of Alabama

Kalai is engaging.  He gets to the heart of the matter on diversity.

How comfortable (or uncomfortable) are we as a nation with the current state of affairs with immigration and the current diversity in America?  Want to explore your level of comfort?  Want factual information and a chance at meaningful conversation?  Want to be appreciated but challenged to alertness, feeling and thought?

Midkiff’s link.