Diversity Training

Diversity Training is conducted as a half day, full day or longer as needed.

We also offer seminar speakers in national and state level conferences.

Because we believe in this work, we work with small companies, and organizations including non-profits with their needs and available resources.

We have trained at the State of Alabama Social Work Conference, University of Tuskegee, and University of Alabama at Birmingham. We have also trained at churches and small businesses at their work place.

We conduct Diversity Workshops, Instructor Training and Certification, In-house Training and Webinars.

This training promotes an atmosphere of understanding and respect, an often overlooked aspect of productivity. We respect and celebrate all cultures.

We are an experienced group that has been conducting diversity training for many years as part of grants, workshops, annual state and national meetings.

Participants have benefited in increased respect for their own path and journey. Participants have also developed a very strong respect for others’ paths and journeys. Participants have reported increased productivity and a sense of value upon completing this training within their work settings.

We conduct in-house training. We will come to you.