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Integrity, Respect, and Authenticity

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We are a group of highly specialized professionals that offers

  • Diversity training for universities, organizations, federal and local grants and companies

Why us

We are interested in detail, respect for the client and to foster a larger healthier and mutually respectful communities and workforce.

We specialize in diversity training in the Healthcare universe.

Primary Trainer’s Bio

He has a Master’s in Public Health concentrating Health Behavior, another Master’s in Arts in Medical Sociology, and a Doctorate in Health Promotion. These academic training while living in Alabama for 28 years as a Malaysian Indian American, and fluent in three languages, and growing up in the multicultural and multi-religious nation has opened an amazing and exciting pathway as a trainer to the world of diversity, especially in the healthcare industry for him. He has served on various state-level committees in Alabama and he served as the Suicide Prevention Task Force of Alabama at the Division of Social Work, Health Disparities Advisory Council at the Division of Minority Health, and Obesity Prevention Task Force at the Bureau of Family Affairs.   He is part of the Diversity Nashville, assisting in the Diversity Bus Tours. He is a member of the Global Education Center consulting with their diversity initiatives, especially the ones that deals with recent publicity around the breakdown of trust in the community around policing. He is also a Rule 31 Tennessee Supreme Court Listed Mediator volunteering with Nashville Conflict Resolution Center, Nashville, TN, and the Mediation Center in Columbia, TN.

His journey as a diversity trainer began in college. He attended the National Coalition Building Institute (NCBI) training and eventually became their train the trainer. Upon completion of his undergraduate in Psychology focusing on Social Psychology, he served as the University of Alabama at Birmingham’s (UAB) campus director for NCBI serving as the University’s diversity training in various departments. Eventually, Human Resource Department at the UAB streamlined the process and which he help develop and became their senior trainer. Since, he has ventured out and have trained in various organizations, human resource departments and consulted with companies around conflict resolution and diversity training.

UAB’s large medical school presented opportunities to develop and train diversity awareness, and cultural sensitivities and competencies over the years to develop and train their range of medical staff including their incoming foreign graduate medical students. He has trained groups as big as 300 people at State level conferences to as small as 9 in medical offices. He hasHe presented to city officials, college administrators, social workers and AIDS patients and outreach organization members.

These experiences allowed him to understand that the concept of race in the diversity universe as an important segment, especially in the United States, however, race is only one component in the wide range of diverse workforce, especially in the healthcare arena. Cultural competencies (i.e. besides varying norms pertaining to religion and languages) along with varying abilities, prior experiences (i.e. veterans), gender identities, sexuality, age and other human experiences and being become challenges in the workplace today. While some of these can present as federal violations, others reduce workforce productivity and morale in a fast diversifying nation.

As professor and diversity trainer he is an experienced and credentialed (at least 18 credit hours of graduate level classes taken) to give well-informed lectures and conduct seminars on various topics.

He has taught and held seminars and workshops in:

  • Ethics and Law in Healthcare
  • Healthcare Structure in the United States
  • Organization and Governance
  • Public Health Organization and Management and Health Policy
  • Issues in Public Health
  • Healthcare Delivery System
  • Issues and Trends in Healthcare
  • Risk Management in Health Settings
  • Research Methods in Health Administration
  • Leadership in Healthcare
  • Medical Sociology
  • Community Health
  • Health Evaluation
  • Alternate Health

He personally enjoys this seminar, classes, and workshops that often always leaves hopeful about his own future. He enjoys developing classes for companies and organizations as needed. Please call (205 243 7747) or email (Kalai_Mugilan@yahoo.com) me today to develop a seminar for your company.